Room Booking

We offer 2 large, theatre style rooms for educational, admission-free film screening or classroom use:

About Booking

  • Bookings are available weekdays from 9am-10pm. We will not be accepting weekend booking requests.
  • Screening rooms are only available to U of T students, faculty and staff with an active TCard.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in theatre or screening rooms.
  • All events must be copyright compliant and related to educational, classroom or student group purposes.

Instructors may request single or recurring bookings, while students may only request single bookings for consideration. The theatre is reserved for classes and larger organized events. The screening room is available to smaller groups who require the use of a projector. Both rooms are intended for groups, we suggest that individuals use a study room (see below). Please request your booking at lease 3 business days in advance, same-day requests are unlikely to be approved. Booking durations are limited to 3 hours, longer bookings must be approved in advance by staff. 

For classroom use, priority is given to film and media courses that require a cinema experience. Instructors who do not specifically require a movie theatre setting should contact ACE / Academic and Campus Events to make more appropriate arrangements.

Questions or concerns may be directed to

How to Book

To place a booking please email your requested date and time to For theatre bookings (room 3-025), please include a small description of your event and roughly how many people you expect to attend. Please check the availability of your requested times before making a booking request. After making your request, wait until confirmation from Media Commons staff is received before arriving. 

Check to see what's currently available: 3023 Screening Room or 3025 Theatre.

Group Study Rooms

Two small group study rooms (3-026 and 3-027; each seats 6) are also available for student use by booking online. Study rooms contain a 65" television with playback support for Blu-ray, DVD, and external laptop connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge admission for my event?

No. The screening rooms are a free library service available to everyone with a TCard. If you are fundraising you are welcome to encourage your guests to donate funds online in advance, but access to the screening rooms can not be sold directly.

Can I bring visitors to my event who do not have a TCard?

All events must be for a majority U of T audience and related to U of T courses or student group activities. You may bring some visitors who do not have a TCard but you must contact Media Commons staff in advance to request access for them. Access for those without a TCard is not guaranteed.

Can I serve food or snacks at my event?

No. The space is shared by many courses and groups and in order to keep it the space clean and ready for the next event we ask that visitors only bring water. 

Can I host a party in the screening room?

No. All events should be related to educational, classroom or student group purposes. This can include film watching, talks, lectures, presentations or other course related or student group activity.

I'm an alumni. Can I host an event in one of the screening rooms?

An alumni reader or alumni research reader card with an active UTORid is required to book a screening room. See more information here

Can I book an event on behalf of someone who is not currently affiliated the University of Toronto?

No. All events must be for a majority U of T audience and related to U of T courses or student group activities.